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We are in business to enhance your kayaking experience. Through this, we are in the business of education and adventure! We would be happy to to consult with you on an individual basis to make recommendations on the products you will need to accomplish your kayaking goals. We use various products daily (professionally and for personal adventure) and offer a few, tried-and-true, products to our customers that we have found are of high quality and that are dependable. Let us help you to get the most out of your paddling dollar.

Kajak Sport offers excellent components and repair parts for your kayak rigging and outfitting. We can help you to perfect outfit your boat with the perfect deck fittings, hatch covers and safety gear.


Snap Dragon offers the absolute best spay skirts on the market today. We can help you to select the perfect skirt for your paddling needs. 


Seattle Sports offers an amazingly diverse line of products for the paddlers and anyone who ventures outdoors.  We are proud to offer to our customers these products in our classes, on our tours and for sale for them to use in their own adventures.  the absolute best spay skirts on the market today. Call or e-mail so that we can can help you to select the perfect gear for your paddling needs. 


In addition, please check-out other outdoor vendors that we recommend:

The Trail and Ski offers personalized service and the very best for land-based outdoor gear

Savannah Canoe and Kayak is a Savannah "Must-Do" when in the area.  SC&K offers the first rate kayaking and outdoor gear, professional and personable instruction and guiding. The owners (Kristin and Nigel) are the coolest people you will ever meet. As a sign reads as you enter SC&K, "Prepare to adjust your priorities".

Saltwood Paddles offers some of the best, wooden shaft paddles with figerglass and carbon composite blades on the market today. There is a Saltwood model that will fit your paddling needs. The wooden shaft offers a flex-friendly feel while the catch of teh blade is aggressive and flutter-free.  Love'em!.


The Boatabag: This water bag is "bomb-proof"! We have used these water bags for since 2007 on numerous major international kayaking expeditions and weekend kayak camping trips. After using the bag to protect my precious composite kayak as I dragged it over gel-coat eating coastal rocks, the bag show no sign of wear.  Amazing!

Harry Smith Outdoors: If you need advice on kayak fishing gear and/or kayak fishing in the Big Bend area (and beyond), Harry Smith is you man! Harry is experienced, knowledgable, and one heck of a nice guy.

Florida Kayak School, 6"oval sticker


Florida Kayak School, 6"oval sticker

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