Learning Videos and Repairs

Here at the Florida Kayak School and Tours we want to provide you with the greatest opportunity to learn and grow your skills-set as a paddler.  Through this you will become more comfortable, confident, and capable on the water.  It is our sincere hope that when you are on the water you will have a more enjoyable on-water and in-nature experience.  Also, with your knowledge you will be able to help others. This will make paddling safer for everyone.  We advise our clients, prior to the class, to review the videos that will pertain to the class.  These visual demonstrations will expedite the learning.  Should you find another video that we could add to this list please share it with us. 

Kayaking Traffic Rules

Planning Your Trip

Kayak Safety - the Essentials

Proper Technique for Paddling a Kayak

 How to Climb Into a Kayak Smoothly

How to Choose a Kayak Paddle

Choosing the RIGHT Kayak

Greenland Paddle Tutorial | Rough Water Kayaking

Kayaking Tips - Greenland Paddle vs Euro Blade

 Kayak Forward Stroke - How to Paddle series

How to Hold a Kayak Paddle

Kayak Forward Stroke - How to Paddle series

Turn Your Kayak Quickly - Sweep Stroke + Edging

Kayak Eskimo Rescues and Eskimo Rolls

Heel Hook Rescue

Learning to roll the 2015 Jackson Kayak Fun

How to Roll A Kayak on Dry Land

The Scramble – Sea Kayak Self-Rescue

The Paddle Float Self-Rescue

Tips and Tricks for Rolling Your Whitewater Kayak

How to Self Rescue If You Capsize

Kayaking Tips - Cold Water and Winter Paddling

Kayak Camping.JPG

Kayaks and canoes may at times need a little TLC. Finding someone who can give your boat the love and attention that it deserves can be quite a task. If you have a canoe or kayak that is in need of repair please contact us.  From tears in plastic boats to cosmetic and structural fiberglass repair, we can help.  If we cannot fix it we can direct you to someone who may be able to offer assistance.

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