Fitness Paddling

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Fitness Paddling/Personal Training

We at Florida Kayak School and Tours really do not enjoy “working out.”  Instead we “playout.”  We have discovered that a commitment to regular exercise very quickly becomes a burdensome task.  Most of us will find an excuse to escape this activity.  On the other hand, the kayak can become an extraordinary work-out tool that builds strength and endurance without the associated misery and boredom associated with a fitness regimen.  While exploring your environment and appreciating the ever-changing flora and fauna, you can be developing a healthier lifestyle and building a stronger body in the process.

Florida Kayak School and Tours certified instructors can introduce you to the many benefits of utilizing the sport of kayaking as a full-body athletic endeavor.  From the moment you lift your kayak onto your vehicle until you put your gear away for the day, you can be strengthening your muscles, building endurance, and toning your body in ways you never thought possible.

With the proper paddle stroke and form, you can flow effortlessly through the water while strengthening your heart and lungs, toning your abs, and developing the muscles of your arms, shoulders, and back.  We offer workshops and personal coaching that build strength, balance, and flexibility.  The rewards of this “play-out” are not only a healthier lifestyle and a well-toned body, but also the opportunity to escape the gym and appreciate the wonders of nature.

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