Expedition Planning



If you are considering a kayak camping trip, visiting another part of the country or world, the staff at Florida Kayak School and Tours can coach you in your trip preparations and planning. This initial consultation is free and additional consultation is scheduled on an hourly basis ($45 per hour). In these consultations we will help you to define your destinations, your desired goals, identify logistic challenges, and work with you to create solutions to these the various challenges toward a successful trip/expedition

If you are considering visiting the Southeast United States and/or Florida and exploring the near-endless possibilities for warm-water paddling, we can provide on-the-ground support through arranging rental boats, shuttles, and provisioning. The Florida Kayak School and Tours is your support team - near or far.

Our one-on-one camping consultation is designed to help you create the perfect excursion for you, a small party, or large group.

Local Knowledge and Shuttle Service: The Florida Kayak School and Tours can share hard to find local knowledge regarding visiting and paddling in the Big Bend of Florida. We also offer shuttle services.  Our shuttle rates are $15 per hour plus$.87 per mile. To schedule a shuttle please contact our office with at least one week in advance.

Check out our "Calendar for Eco-Tours and Events" page for scheduled trips that you can join!

Contact info@FloridaKayakSchool.com for a no-fee initial consultation.


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